Posted on Jul 10, 2017 in Mom Life, Organization | 0 comments

So I know I’m not the only parent who feels this way…where did all these toys come from and why (WHYYYYYYYYY) are they taking over my house!? It seems like weekly, if not daily, our kids are given toys. And while I’m grateful for the community that loves and nurtures our babes, I’m starting to feel the walls caving in with all this kiddy stuff. So, what to do? 

My go-to is always: 1 – Pull it all out. 2 – Sort. 3 – Purge. 4 – Organize what’s left.

So that’s just what I did. While Penny was napping, I collected every-single-toy and brought them into the living room. I sorted them and then decided what we were going to keep and what needed to go. I asked myself…Is Penny playing with it? Is it something that brings us together? Is it educational? Is it a duplicate? Stuff like that. In this process I made piles, putting stuffed animals together, and art supplies together, musical instruments, riding toys, etc. You get the idea. Then I brought out some bins, 3 total. I separated her toys into the tree bins with one set left out (making 4 total sets of toys). Each season I’ll pack up one set of toys and pull out another…it’s like Christmas morning every couple of months!