Posted on Aug 8, 2017 in Life, Mom Life | 0 comments

Yesterday we had a legit thunderstorm. It’s rare for them to pop up here in Reno, and it almost feels like a holiday when we get one. The temperature drops nearly 30 degrees, the typically bright, clear sky gets dark, cloudy and broody, and the dry, sandy ground gets soggy and soft. The surge of water transforms the high desert, even if it only lasts for an afternoon.

We decided to take a little walk around our neighborhood and along the river after the storm passed and we had finished dinner. It was gorgeous outside. Nice and cool, humid and the low sun was casting a glow on everything around us. We outfitted Penny in her rain boots (typically used to maraud around the backyard), wrapped Adeline in a warm blanket and out we went! It was one of those simple, sweet family moments. Penny swayed and splashed through the puddles we found along the way…anxiously anticipating the next puddle. When she’d find a particularly deep puddle, she would hold her little dress up to her chest to keep it from getting wet. So ridiculously sweet. These are the moments in our family’s life that I treasure. They are simple and spontaneous. And just to keep it real, it really balanced out the horrible drive home with both girls falling to pieces and screaming their lungs out in the backseat. Ha!