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So I’m not a fan of spreading negativity. That being said, this morning I hit my limit and so I’m going to vent in hope that getting my irritation out here keeps it from growing in my heart.

“Maybe she’s hungry?”

I can’t tell you how often I hear this phrase. It comes as a suggestion from strangers when she’s fussing in the grocery store. I hear it from the nurse at the doctors office when she’s fussing after shots. I hear it from friends, my husband and mom when they’re having a hard time settling her…

As the keeper of my daughter’s schedule and as the person soley responsible for feeding her I would like to reassure you all. No. No. Nooooooo. She is not hungry. Every time she makes a peep it isn’t a cry for food.  She does experience other needs. She gets tired. She feels uncomfortable. She needs her diaper changed. She gets sick. She has gas. She gets bored!

It can feel pretty insulting. As if these helpful people assume I’m neglecting to feed my child. I’m sure they don’t realize it, but that is what that comment is insinuating. And while I don’t believe any of these individuals have bad intentions. It’s a constant rub.

And in the moments that, yes! – she is hungry – how dare I  attempt to complete a task before jumping to feed her. The horror. The injustice. ?

AMIRITE? I know the mamas hear me. Love ya’ll.

Nobody loves and cares for my babies like I do (ok sweet hubby…you’re the exception!). If you’re going to comment on my child, please encourage me or love on her. Please keep the thoughtless, rote, go-to comments to yourself. Thanks! She’s not hungry. I do feed her. That is all.