More Puddles

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Yesterday we had a legit thunderstorm. It’s rare for them to pop up here in Reno, and it almost feels like a holiday when we get one. (more…)

Living Simpler // Shampoo

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A few weeks ago I decided to become more intentional about what I bring into our house. There’s a laundry list of products I use every day that contain ingredients that are known to be harmful.

So today I went to order shampoo and conditioner from Amazon and without thinking twice I almost bought two bottles of our old standby brand. Thankfully, as I shopped around for the best price, it hit me…this is not what I want. Old habits are hard to break! (more…)

Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes

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Breastfeeding comes with a handful of challenges. One of those challenges that I didn’t really think or plan for was finding clothes that are easy to breastfeed in. Typically I’m looking for clothes that keep “the ladies” covered, not clothes that allow them to be easily exposed. Ha! So I figured I’d write a post sharing a few gems that I’ve found in my breastfeeding journey. (more…)

Maybe she’s hungry…

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So I’m not a fan of spreading negativity. That being said, this morning I hit my limit and so I’m going to vent in hope that getting my irritation out here keeps it from growing in my heart.

“Maybe she’s hungry?”



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…Dryer balls, to be exact.

So dryer balls are the latest notion of my inner, earth loving, hippie self. It all started with the thought of putting up a clothesline. It’s pretty sunny and windy here in Northern Nevada so why not put those resources to work, right? After some pretty extensive research I realized throwing up a clothesline isn’t that easy. The inexpensive products have terrible reviews and the sturdier options were out of my price range (we just added an adorable member to our little family).  (more…)

Where I’m At

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For the last year I’ve been living in the fog that is pregnancy and life with a newborn. Adeline is 2.5 months old now and I’m starting to feel like myself again…and it’s so nice! It’s almost a relief to have the energy to do things I love and the energy to do everyday things that just need to get done. With this renewed energy I feel like my eyes are being opened to the way we’ve been living, and while we’ve been in survival mode things have gotten a little sloppy and short-sighted. I’m finally ready for that to change. Woo! It’s exciting. (more…)


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So recently I feel like I’ve been bombarded with the word “Intentional.” What I mean is that, I keep asking myself, “Am I living with intentionality?”

Life Lately.

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So here I am, 27 weeks pregnant with our second babe. This time I know just how drastically life can change, so I’m doing everything I can think of to soften the blow. (more…)

Embarrassing but True

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So don’t you just hate it when someone you love…a friend, a family member…get’s into one of those home sales hooplas? Yes? Me too! No? Then you’re probably currently selling something! Ha! Well friends…they got me.  (more…)

Knitting for #2

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I’m a slow knitter and worse than that, if something takes too long for me to finish, I just stick it in a drawer and well…forget about it. BUT something magical happened a few weeks ago, and I’m going to chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. (more…)