Posted on Jul 13, 2017 in Life | 0 comments

…Dryer balls, to be exact.

So dryer balls are the latest notion of my inner, earth loving, hippie self. It all started with the thought of putting up a clothesline. It’s pretty sunny and windy here in Northern Nevada so why not put those resources to work, right? After some pretty extensive research I realized throwing up a clothesline isn’t that easy. The inexpensive products have terrible reviews and the sturdier options were out of my price range (we just added an adorable member to our little family). 

In all this research I came across dryer balls. They claimed to dry clothes faster, reduce static cling, and, when paired with a few drops of essential oils, leave your clothes smelling fresh. And for less than $25 for both the organic wool balls and wild sweet orange EO…why not give it a shot?!

So I felt pretty skeptical honestly. The balls I purchased had 87% 5-star reviews…but how couple wool balls make a difference? I loaded my dryer, threw the balls in and, no lie, 20 minutes later the load was chiming that it was done. ?

So while I would love to put a clothesline up next spring, I’m pretty stoked about my recent investment in organic wool dryer balls!