Hey there! I’m Tasha.

I love working with my hands and on something new everyday. I’m a graphic designer, and have experience in many different arenas. From billboards to vehicle wraps, and from full-service campaigns to website re-designs…I’ve had the chance to work with many unique mediums and have created a diverse array of products.

I’m a web developer, and have worked in joomla, dotnetnuke, dreamweaver and of course, wordpress. To be honest, web developing happened to me…I didn’t seek it out. Today, I do a lot of design that never meets the physical world. It lives virtually, so as I grew as a designer I also, out of necessity, learned and grew as a developer. Initially for fun and for personally benefit, and then very organically that personal interest transitioned into a professional asset.

I’m a copy editor and not your typical (stiff) grammar nazi. I believe in a necessary balance between conversational flow and gramatical eloquence. I believe we communicate most effectively when we communicate conversationally. Which means, on occasion, those tried and true rules of grammar must be bent. Just a little.

What else? I’m a lover of social media and have managed and developed Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, email newsletters and Instagram accounts.

As for free time, I live for days spent outdoors with my husband and daughters. I paint, knit and garden, which all points back to my love of handiwork. I’m deeply loved and cared for by Jesus, which in my opinion is no small feat. He is the truth in a world of pain and lies and if you don’t know Him, you should.

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